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Create your own fundraiser that will provide digital devices to underprivileged children across Malaysia.
With your support, we can ensure that no child will be left behind.

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    Eligibility Criteria

    Recipients must meet our eligibility criteria to receive devices.

    • School-going child registered with a Malaysian school / Refugee Learning Centre from B20 & B40 families, stateless, migrant and refugee children; and
    • Has registered with the School or an NGO/CBO for a device; and
    • Has been deprived of learning online/accessing education online due to absence of digital device, inability to attend school, and other legit reasons.
    • Child must have basic user knowledge of device, or has someone to teach how-to; and
    • MUST have access to WiFi or data connection
    • Children of single mothers, or women-headed households living below poverty line; or
    • Children from communities who have been sharing digital devices for online learning with siblings, classmates, neighbours; or
    • School-going children with “special needs” who have registered for a device and will have assistance using the device.
    • Parents of child must be contactable and responsive to questions by UPLIFT; and
    • Must agree to an Impact Study which will involve a 3–5-year tracking progress of the child after receiving the device.


    1.  As a campaign partner, will my organization be able to choose our own intended beneficiaries?

    Yes, your organization will be able to choose your own intended beneficiaries. However, they must meet the eligibility criteria as listed above.

    2.   If we don’t have a list of intended beneficiaries, how will you choose the beneficiaries?

    1MilionDevices has a verified list of beneficiaries that your organization may choose to donate the devices to. These beneficiaries will have met the eligibility criteria as listed above.

    3.   If 1MillionDevices identifies the beneficiaries, will my organization have access to the student information?

    Yes, you will have access to this information, subject to the terms and conditions of our PDPA.

    4.  Where will the funds that are raised be donated to?

    The funds will go towards the purchase of digital devices for all the children that have been identified and validated by the 1MillionDevices team.

    5.  Will I be eligible for tax exemption?

    We have applied for tax exemption, but it will take time for the necessary approvals. However, we expect to have this in place by early 2022.

    6.  Who will be purchasing the devices using the funds raised?

    1MillionDevices will be able to purchase the devices on your behalf. However, your organization may opt to purchase from your own vendors.

    7.  What is the average price of each device? Will a price and/or vendor list be provided to us to choose from?

    The average price of a new tablet is RM 450; a refurbished laptop is RM 800 and a new laptop would cost RM 1,200. We will provide you with a list of the vendors and would be happy to purchase these items on yo

    8.  Will we have to distribute the devices ourselves? If not, how will my organization know if the beneficiaries have received the devices?

    It would be best if you could deliver the devices yourself as it will give your organisation the opportunity to get involved with the community and engage with the children who receive the devices. However, we can assist with deliveries, and we will provide you with a comprehensive report along with photographic evidence of the beneficiaries receiving the devices.

    9.  Is this a joint fundraising campaign with 1MillionDevices or is this a separate campaign?

    This will be a separate campaign by your organization that will be featured on 1MillionDevices. We will help you with the marketing and advertising of this campaign using our digital and social media channels.

    10.  How often will the check-ins be for the 3–5-year Impact Study? Who will be conducting the Impact Study and will we have access to this information?

    A group of apprentices and interns will be conducting the impact study which begins as soon as the child receives the device. The findings of the impact study will be shared with the relevant partners on a quarterly basis.

    11.  How will the devices benefit the children now that schools are reopening?

    The 21st Century Learning (Pembelajaran Abad Ke-2 1 (PAK- 21)) programme by the Ministry of Education Malaysia, has been making the push towards digital learning since 2018. However, a huge segment of students in our society are unable to completely immerse in this style of learning without digital devices.