By Jolynn Tan (BAC Apprentice)



On 1st November 2021, 1MillionDevices distributed a Samsung Galaxy Tab S (tablet) to 18-year-old Sri Gayathri A/P Ramesh, a student at SMK Ampang Pecah.  


Prior to receiving this tablet, Sri Gayathri was utilizing a mobile phone that she had received from the government last year to access online learning. As online classes per session can span over a few hours, she frequently experienced phone overheating and difficulties accessing several learning websites due to the poor user interface. And because of the small screen size, she was unable to type as quick as she needed to. This always resulted in her not being able to complete her homework on time.  


Although the country is transitioning into the endemic phrase, the effects of the pandemic will cast a long shadow into the future of education. By distributing this tablet to Sri Gayathiri, 1MillionDevices believes that she will not be hampered from completing her homework more efficiently.  


1MillionDevices is glad to help students like Sri Gayathri to gain equal access to education. With the constant need to help children living under digital poverty, we need all the help we can get!